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Multi-Day Retreats

Recalibrate yourself body, mind, & spirit.

Taking a "time-out" from the pressures and demands of everyday life is essential to our personal health and emotional well-being. Whether responsible for one or dozens, it's important to step away at times in order to decompress and gain a sense of renewal.

By listening to the needs of our guests and drawing upon our own expertise and experiences, we've put together these transformational retreat options to help you give back to yourself all the good you have given to others. 


"The Four Elements


Returning to balance.

Are you feeling disheartened or burned out from today's modern lifestyle?

Do you have a special affinity with nature and want to reconnect with the energies of the Earth to renew and revitalize yourself? 

"Stuck in the Muck" Multi-day Retreat

Overcoming obstacles.

Do you feel beaten down by life or stuck in a rut and need help digging yourself out?

Are you struggling to find joy and meaning in life and ready to remove the blockages to your happiness?

"The Energetic Tune-up"  Multi-day Retreat

Supercharging the way forward!

Are you a highly sensitive or empathic person who has been taking on too much energy from others and need to cleanse?

Have the pressures and demands of life taken their toll and now just seems like a good time to ramp back up and focus on you?

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"The Personal Healing Intensive"

The Ultimate Reset

Have you become un-well, dealing with a stressful family situation, or going through a painful time in your life?

Are you ready to let go, heal, and find acceptance so that you can be at peace and focus on solutions rather than the problems?


Multi-Day Retreat

Customized just for you!

Do you already have a strong sense of what you need and would like to customize your own powerful multi- day retreat?

Is there a particular theme or personal issue you'd like to focus on such as anxiety, depression, spirituality, or personal development?

"Spiritual Growth Accelerator"

Multi-day Retreat

Empowering your ascension.

Have you begun to awaken spiritually and want to learn more about energy, self-healing, and other teachings to support your expansion?

Do you feel you're on the brink of something new and amazing and need a lift to help get you to the next level?

Multi-day Retreats: Services

Deposit & Cancellation Policy

Deposit Requirement:

Inner Journeys requires a non-refundable deposit to secure your reservation for all retreats and healing services. We currently accept Visa, MC, Discover, & AMEX. This fee will be applied towards your final balance. 

  • Single Service: 20% of service(s) total

  • Day Retreat: 20% of Day Retreat total cost

  • Multi-Day Retreat: 20% of Multi-day Retreat total cost

Cancellation Policy:

In the event of cancellation, we reserve the right to charge either half or the full amount of your remaining balance depending upon how much notice has been given.

  • 7-14 days cancellation notice- No additional charge.

  • 3-6 days cancellation notice- 50% of remaining balance charged. 

  • 48 hours or less- Full charge of the remaining balance. 

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