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Intuitive Channel, Spiritual Guide & 

Powerful Transcendental Healer

Here's What I Specialize In:

Spiritual Guidance & Mentorship

Intuitive Readings

Psychedelic Facilitation

Integration Coaching

Soul Recovery

Inner Child Healing​

Trance-formational Belief Work 

Emotional Freedom

Subconscious Reprogramming

Empowerment & Validation

Transcendental Massage & Bodywork


My name is Mariposa, which means "Butterfly" in Spanish. This is significant because it perfectly reflects the journey of transformation I have found myself on since childhood. From an early age, I remember being able to access past lives, astral project, know things without knowing how I knew, and generally felt EVERYTHING, which was both a blessing and a curse. Back then, people would often refer to me as an ‘old soul’ but would simultaneously think of me as ‘trouble’.

Throughout my childhood and adolescence, I faced many emotional hardships and challenges including sexual assault, teenage pregnancy, severe anxiety, depression, suicidal tendencies, feelings of worthlessness and chronic low self-esteem. Self-medicating with drugs and alcohol became my preferred course of treatment despite many efforts to heal traditionally through professional counseling and 12- Step Recovery programs.

It wasn't until I had a significant spiritual awakening in my early 20's that I began to heal and transform my own darkness and pain into something meaningful and useful; thus, opening my heart, mastering my spiritual lessons, and aligning with my soul’s purpose. It is for this reason that I stand humbly at the front lines of consciousness, offering my own life experience and expertise to others who are ready and willing to "do the work" to liberate themselves from a life of pain and suffering and become the masterful, co-creators they forgot themselves to BE.

Mariposa: Meet the Team
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