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Empath, Energy Healer,
Spiritual Guide & Life Coach

Hello! My name is Kurt, and I am here to help guide you through this adventure called Life. In all honesty, I have spent the first part of my life living co-dependently: either people pleasing to gain acceptance or whatever other behavior was required to gain approval. When that didn’t work, I became an expert at running away from my problems, numbing out, or distracting myself through a variety of addictions such as over-thinking, relationships and other substances. It wasn’t a bad life, but it was a repetitive cycle that kept me feeling small and limited.

Presently, I have spent the last 20 years undoing myself from the entanglement of my old patterns and conditioning so that I could find a path of my own to share with others. I have used the study of energy medicine and many different emotional/mental healing techniques to help me take responsibility for myself and apply them to my stress, incessant thoughts and emotional wounding. It has helped me to take my power back, find peace with Life and step into a more authentic expression of myself- a highly sensitive, empathic man.

Because of this journey, I feel that I can better help others understand and break free from the limits of the conditioned mind, embrace and safely process the deeply felt emotions that have been stored and stuffed in the subconscious, and share simple tools that can help promote stronger personal energy.

I know life can be overwhelming and messy a lot of the time, but I also know that we have an inner power and strength that naturally arises when we get out of our own way. It is my goal to help others return to the spiritual path and integrate the fullness of who they really are into everyday life.

Here's What I Specialize In:

Energy Balancing

Sound Healing

Mindfulness Practices

Meditation & Breathwork

Calming an Overactive Brain

​Overcoming Anxiety/Depression

Inner Child Healing​

Healing Unresolved Emotional Trauma

Supporting Highly Sensitive/Empathic People

Kurt: Meet the Team
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