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Heart-Wall Removal

"Opening the heart to greater love and fulfillment."

Become more open and receptive to unconditional love by safely releasing the negative trapped emotions walling off your heart. Starting as early as childhood, we begin to form a protective barrier around our hearts often stemming from hurt feelings, neglect, rejection and/or abuse.

Having a Heart-Wall makes it difficult to love yourself, love others unconditionally, feel positive and/or engage in any kind of fulfilling relationship. Once removed, a powerful transformation occurs helping you to heal all of your relationships and live a more authentic life filled with joy & wonder.

*It takes approximately 3 to 10 sessions before a Heart-Wall is removed.

30 min Session . . . $85

5-Pack Deal . . . $375

( Available In-Person, Zoom, or Phone. )

Heart-Wall Removal: Service
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