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Retreat Q & A's . . .


Is this all-inclusive?

No. All of our retreats- whether group retreats, day retreats, or multi-day retreats are service-only. All other accommodations including travel, transportation, meals, and lodging are your responsibility. We are happy to provide suggestions to make planning your retreat easier!

Can I come alone?

Absolutely! Traveling alone can be a rewarding, nurturing experience that lets you focus entirely on yourself without having to think about someone else's needs. We have found that people let go faster, are able to go deeper, and get more benefit out of their retreat when the attention is entirely on the retreat experience.

Do I need any experience?

Prior experience with energy healing and/or spiritual practices is not necessary but certainly helpful. At Inner Journeys, we meet you where you are at in your personal development; asking that you be open minded, unattached to a specific outcome, willing to 'do the work', and eager to take responsibility for your own healing and transformation.

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