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Day Retreats

Relax. Unwind. Come back to center.

Inner Journeys offers a variety of unique, theme-based day retreats that will help to clear your mind, release unwanted emotional baggage, address hidden blockages and beliefs, refresh you spiritually, and help you transform your life in a number of positive ways.

Each of our private, spiritual journeys draws upon ancient wisdom teachings, current metaphysical research and disciplines, as well as our own personal experiences in order to give you an exceptional experience rooted in tradition but shared from the leading edge of consciousness.

Loving Couple

"Flying High & Feeling Good" Day Retreat

Are you in a good place mentally, physically, spiritually, and emotionally but want to feel even better?

Do you feel you need some slight recalibration in order to level up or to keep the positive momentum going forward?

"Life Purpose"

Day Retreat

Are ready to awaken to your full creative potential and learn how to consciously manifest your dreams and desires?

Do you need help clearing away subconscious blockages and barriers preventing you from actualizing your purpose and passion?


Day Retreat

Would you like to reconnect as a couple but feel there are some issues that need to heal in order to do that?

Do you feel you and your partner are in a good place but want to do something spiritual to create a memorable experience together?


"Letting Go; Breaking Free" Day Retreat

Are you ready to get to the core of whatever it is that's holding you back from being able to love and accept yourself fully?

Do you find yourself repeating the same toxic cycles and patterns that you can't seem to change or heal on your own?

"The Mini-Reset"

Day Retreat

Are you currently feeling tired, stressed, irritated, overwhelmed, and ready to take  much needed break from your everyday life?

Has life been super difficult recently and you simply need a good, old-fashioned time-out in order to reflect, release, and recharge yourself?

"Unwind the Mind"

Day Retreat

Do you have an overactive brain that simply won't shut off or allow you a moment of peace?

Would you like to learn how to manage your thoughts and anxiety better so you don't feel so negative or stressed all the time?

Day Retreats: Services

Deposit & Cancellation Policy

Deposit Requirement:

Inner Journeys requires a small, non-refundable deposit to secure your reservation for all retreats and healing services. We currently accept Visa, MC, Discover, & AMEX. Your deposit will be applied towards your final balance. 

  • Single Service:  20% of service amount

  • Day Retreat: 20% of day retreat balance

  • Multi-Day Retreat: 20% of multi-day retreat balance

Cancellation Policy:

In the event of cancellation, we reserve the right to charge either half or the full amount of your remaining balance depending upon how much notice has been given.

  • 7-14 days cancellation notice- No additional charge.

  • 3-6 days cancellation notice- 50% of remaining balance charged.

  • 48 hours or less- Full charge of the remaining balance. 

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