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About Inner Journeys

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Meet Your Mentors

Kurt & Mariposa- Owners & Transformation Experts

The team at Inner Journeys Sedona's Spiritual Retreat Center is here to help by teaching you  how to calm your overactive mind, heal the pain of your past, open your heart, and connect spiritually. To achieve a well-rounded balance, Kurt offers his teachings from the perspective of the sacred masculine whereas Mariposa heals using the energy of the Divine Feminine. Together, these energies work synergistically to accelerate deep healing and spiritual transformation.

spiritual retreats, energy healing, spiritual massage, and ultimately transformation.


Mariposa Obsidiana

Spiritual Healer, Teacher, Guide & Psychedelic Integration Coach & Advocate

"My name is Mariposa and I have been exploring the frontiers of consciousness and the nature of reality since I was a child gathering knowledge, experience, and expertise to help myself and others awaken, ascend, and become fully Self-realized. 

By helping others collapse old belief structures, heal painful memories, restore the body's vitality and unite the ego with the soul, one is able to reclaim their personal power and leverage their many gifts and talents to create a meaningful, purposeful life."  

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Kurt Raczynski

Empath, Energy Healer,
Spiritual Guide & Life Coach

"I see my work as holding a safe, non judgmental space for others, which lets them know that they have someone in their corner helping them get through the muck of life feeling more empowered and authentic.

I love helping others recognize and understand that trappings of their mind and how to overcome stressful thinking and unhealthy behaviors so that they can live more peaceful, manageable lives."

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Our humble beginnings . . . 

Inner Journeys hosted its first spiritual retreat back in 2010 with the help of Alma de Sedona. Throughout the years, we have worked with countess families, couples, and individuals heal their lives and have witnessed some miraculous transformations along the way.

We believe honesty and integrity are good values to live by and genuinely practice what we preach. We know that as we lift one person up we lift all of humanity up, and that is why we stay committed to helping others embrace the light within so that more love can be anchored on this Earth.

To achieve this goal, we share practical tools such as visualization, wisdom teachings, and energy exercises to help others achieve a healthier life balance. Today’s times call for a new way of connecting with Spirit and an understanding of how to better manage our stress and energy levels, which is why we promote practical spirituality. In sharing our respective journeys and passion we hope to inspire others on a similar path to find their own passion and truth.

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